Dashboards in SonataFlow Dev UI extension

In SonataFlow Dev UI extension, the Dashboards page is used to display the available dashboard files. The page displays a list of available dashboards and add filters to the list.

kogito swf tools dashboard list
Figure 1. Dashboard page

The table on the Dashboards page displays the following details:

  • Name: the name of a custom dashboard.

  • Last Modified: the time reference indicating when the custom dashboard was last updated.

Creating a custom dashboard

Create a custom dashboard file

See the dashboard guide for creating dashboards and visualizations with YAML. You can run all examples with Dashbuilder YAML Online.

Storage path of custom dashboards

The default storage path for dashboard files is src/main/resources/dashboards, but the property quarkus.kogito-runtime-tools.custom.dashboard.folder can be used to set a custom storage path.

kogito swf tools dashboard storage path
Figure 2. Default storage path

Filtering the dashboards

To filter the dashboard based on name, enter a name in the Filter by dashboard name field and click Apply filter button.

kogito swf tools filters in dashboards
Figure 3. Example filters applied on the dashboards

Accessing a dashboard details

In the dashboard table, the name column contains a clickable link, which enables you to navigate to the Dashboard Details page.

kogito swf tools dashboard details
Figure 4. Dashboard Details page

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