SonataFlow Guides

Getting started

Learn how to create your first Serverless Workflow project

Learn about the CNCF Serverless Workflow Specification implementation

Learn which tools you can use to author your workflow assets


Learn about the custom functions supported by Serverless Workflow

Learn how to create jq expressions to manipulate data within a workflow execution

Learn how to handle errors in your workflow application

Working with parallelism in your workflow service

Quick reference of configuration properties in workflow

Learn about the input schema definition used to validate the workflow data input against a defined JSON Schema


Learn how to install and use the Serverless Workflow editor

Learn how to use the Serverless Workflow extension in Quarkus Dev UI

Learn how to install the Serverless Workflow plug-in for Knative CLI

The online tool for creating and managing Serverless Workflows, Decisions and Dashboards.

Service Orchestration

Learn how to orchestrate REST services using OpenAPI specification descriptors

Learn how to configure OpenAPI services endpoints in different environments

Learn about orchestrating gRPC services


Learn how to use the Event state in your workflow application

Learn how to use the Callback state in your workflow application

Learn how to configure your Serverless Workflow application to produce and consume events using Apache Kafka

Learn how to configure your Serverless Workflow application to produce and consume events on Knative Eventing

Learn how to configure event correlation in your workflow application


Learn how to use authentication methods when calling REST services using OpenAPI specification

Learn about the OAuth2 method support when orchestrating REST services using your workflow application

Testing and Troubleshooting

Learn how to add unit tests in your workflow application using RestAssured

Learn how to integrate tests on workflow applications that use PostgreSQL as a persistence storage

Learn how to mock external REST requests when testing your Serverless Workflow applications

Testing Serverless Workflow application that uses HTTP CloudEvents and Knative Sink Binding


Running Serverless Workflow service using PostgresSQL


Learn how to build images for your workflow applications using Quarkus CLI

Learn what is and how the Kubernetes service discovery for workflow application configuration works

Learn how to deploy your workflow application on Minikube for local tests and development

Use Cases

Learn how and when to use the SAGA pattern in your workflow projects


Learn how to use dashboards to display the runtime data of your workflow application

Exposing the workflow base metrics to Prometheus